It’s been a while since you last came to grandma’s village. It’s Holy Saturday and you arrive just in time for the midnight fireworks. All eyes are on you... judging your outfit, your nose ring, your new partner. You’re feeling dizzy, tired, and achy. It’s the evil eye! 
Worry not – this Easter, Bob studio, WAKS candles and Hartovasilion have got you covered with this special “Xematiasma kit” : a limited edition yet maximum effectiveness evil-eye protection gift set!
The set includes a handmade Easter candle (7.7 oz / 1.18 x 13.77 in) with beeswax and a gentle honey scent to sweeten the air, plus a sweet and spicy myrrh-scented 11.28 oz candle in a silkscreen-printed glass jar, for 70 more hours of transcendental experience. 

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